Archery Targets by Royal Elk Sewing 

                            Belgrade, Montana
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                          Interesting range finding Information for Archery hunters everywhere!

"We make no claims as to who came up with this technique as it was taught to me years ago by a friend &very smart fellow hunter."

Its a technique used to range your target without having to carry or operate
conventional style range finder while in the field hunting.

You would start with having a life size target (very important) to set at your different yardages 10, 20
, etc

Example: Life Size Elk target sold here, the target is actually approx. 3/4 of a full size mature bull. That being said it is closer to
an average size mature elk.

1. Hang or prop life size target at desired distance.
2. Hold your bow at arms length and view the target through your sight window (The cage around your pins)
3. Note the size of the
target (Deer, Elk or Bear) in the sight window at that yardage & mark with erasable pen or pencil.
EXAMPLE: On my sight at 20 yards, the elk target belly is at the bottom of the sight window & the elk target back is at my 40 yard pin. At 40 yards, the elk
target  belly is atthe bottom of the sight window & the elk target back is at the 60 yard pin. Last shooting at 60 yards, the elk target belly is now on my 40 yardpin & the elk target back is on my 20 yard pin. (Keep in mind how I marked my sizes, by using the sight window bottom, the pins, or whatever you can use so youdon't have marks all over the sight ring!) Also keep in mind I shoot a 3 pin sight (20, 40 & 60) I sight in between for all the other yardages.
4. Practice at your different yardages until you are confident with them all.
5. Practice walking around to different angles & use the range finder method you just
learned about & I    believe you too will see the value in this technique.

We believe in sharing our techniques & success with all sportsman & women so we can all become more knowledgeable!

Westcoast Hunters & Anglers Club President: Steve Olive

Here Is My Target Painted With 4 Colors , The Ears I Made From Foam Backed Vinal.

         It turned out Awsome, Remember these babys are life size!
                                         Cat sold seperately...


If you interseted in becomming a dealer or have any qustions, please contact us we would love to hear from you!

Heres the one I ordered for my Fred Bear Mod. Game Over, the stock string was Flor. Orange & Black w/black serving. I'll install this after late hunting season as my bow is ready to go for now, NOTE: the clear serving on this bad boy...I love it!

                         A very special Thank You from WHAC

The next pics. show the Florecent Orange & Green string on the bow. Thank you very much Chuck & Joe!